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Empowerment – Increase Your Inner Power

Sa Sekhem Sahu translates as The Powerful Breath of life of the realized human.
Sa Sekhem Sahu is intended to balance and strengthen your personal power, bring you energy and transformation. This is an amazing and powerful energy that travels back to ancient Egypt. For those who have a difficult time entering meditative states, chanting Sa Sekhem Sau can assist with helping you to meditate but also to achieve altered states of consciousness.

This energy can also bring you into closer unity with the Egyptian Netjer Sekhmet. The name Sekhmet is closely related to Sekhem, meaning strength or power. It translates as ‘she who is powerful.’

SA SEKHEM SAHU Glories and All Praises Be Unto Sekhmet!

You will receive 1 distant attunement, 1 pdf manual emailed.


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